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The specialist construction management recruiters

Patrick Gant Image

Patrick Gant

Managing Member
Patrick has been in the construction industry since 2003 and has been in the Federal government commercial construction industry since 2009. He has played the roles of project manager, superintendent, site safety and health officer (SSHO), and quality control (QC) manager. Since then, he was a key member in the development of TITAN Consultants in 2013, and TITAN University in 2019.
Tonya Riddlesworth Image

Tonya Riddlesworth Ph.D.

Managing Member
Tonya played an integral part in the development of TITAN Recruiting. Since 2009, she has been in the construction industry specializing in federal government construction, and with her extensive educational background, had also assisted in the creation of TITAN University. Her roles in the company have allowed TITAN Recruiting to become one of the top recruiting firms in the federal government construction industry.