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TITAN Recruiting is unlike any other recruiting company. For over 10 years, our parent company, TITAN Consultants have been providing construction management services to over 100 federal government construction projects. Since then, we have developed strong relationships with our clients along with a vast network of candidates. After many discussions with our clients, we had learned that the recruiters that they utilize do not know what it takes to be a construction manager. They just simply forward a resume and don’t really know the right questions to ask when they are vetting the candidates. We know the right questions because we have been there (and currently). As a prime contractor, you want to choose a company with proven experience. As a candidate, you want to choose a company that is going to accelerate your career.

TITAN Recruiting
TITAN Recruiting

TITAN University

We not only have the experience to properly vet our candidates, but we even take that a step further. We provide all our candidates a deep discounted access to additional online educational training classes in the industry! You won’t have to worry if the Site Safety & Health Officer (SSHO) we send to you has their 8 hours of continued education anymore. No more do you have to question in the Quality Control (QC) Manager has training in RMS 3.0. Our candidates have access to the following classes:

Quality Control (QC) Manager
Mastering RMS 3.0
Submittal Proficiency in RMS 3.0
Quality Control
QC for Dredging Projects
Turbidity Monitoring

Site Safety & Health Officer (SSHO)
EM 385-1-1 40 hr 
Confined Space 
Manatee Observer 
Eastern Indigo Snake Observer
Sea Turtle Monitor

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